Vacation Property Services - Maximize Your Income

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Vacation Rental Property MaintenanceOur firm was one of the first to focus on the sale and professional management of rental houses in Virginia Beach and surrounding cities, starting in 1943. After more than 60 years in the business, we're experts at maximizing your income. Here are five ways we accomplish that goal.

Flexible Rental Programs: You'll find that our three rental programs help to maximize your income. Weekly Rentals produce your highest income. Monthly Winter Rentals provide you with one more way to maximize your income. And, we also provide Long-term Virginia Beach Rental Property Management Services.

Outstanding Property Maintenance: To maximize your income, you need happy guests who will tell their friends and return to rent your home in the future. We make sure your property is well-maintained and ready to give your guests a pleasant stay.
  • Weekly Inspections result in written reports to make sure no details are overlooked. Required repairs are made immediately by our maintenance staff.
  • Weekly Housekeeping by teams that have been working for us for years.
  • Saturday Trash Collection is an option as a second collection each week for large homes or high occupancy homes.
Multi-Faceted Property Promotion: Keeping your property rented for the maximum amount of time is critical.
  • We offer an exclusive online reservation system that features up to the minute availability information. We also offer an online credit card option for easy payment.
  • Your property will be promoted in our annual full-color brochure which also includes a mini-vacation guide with information about the area, museums, festivals, and special events like the Boardwalk Art Show.
  • You'll find our advertising in newspapers in Richmond, Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Cleveland, and other Northeast cities and Canada. We advertise in the Virginia Planner, a magazine that goes out to all who inquire about visiting Virginia and the Virginia Beach area.
  • You'll also find our advertising on numerous vacation rental websites that contain a direct link back to our rental website.
Vacation Rental Virginia Beach VARepeat Business: Our track record of obtaining repeat business has a very positive impact on maximizing your income. Families that make a tradition of vacationing at your home will make it their home for generations to come.
  • From the moment your tenants enter our front door, everything is in place to ensure that they enjoy a carefree vacation. Each guest is immediately greeted by one of our agents. We provide the guest with keys, directions, check-in information and a welcome package.
  • Streamlined and efficient check-in and check-out procedures help to keep your guests happy and returning year after year.
  • Our policy is to offer previous summer tenants the first opportunity to return to your home the following summer for the same week. This policy has proven to be extremely successful for our owners, and convenient for the families.

Managing Your Investment: Managing the money side of the rental business is critical to all of us.

  • Our money management starts with making it easy for guests to make payment, using our online reservation and credit card processing systems.
  • We use Internet-based management software which allows us to access owner and tenant information easily. We will advance payments to you as we receive them. The last payment is paid after the after the tenant has checked out.
  • Reports showing income and expenses are included in your monthly statement. And, we will generate a 1099 at year-end to assist you with tax preparation. The 1099 shows a full summary of your year's activities.
Feel free to contact us at 757-428-4441 or 757-425-2500, or send an email to get the Virginia Beach property management leader on your side!